About Our Company

Group H is a leading company offering its customers exceptional quality in real estate. It is renowned for its cutting-edge developments with designs on the best places in Panama and as an organization committed to customer satisfaction. This allows, Group H bring benefits for both its shareholders and benefits within their projects - By creating wealth, communities rise of success.


About Our Directors

Founded in 1967 by Isaac Hanono, is one of the most prestigious and experienced real estate development companies in Panama with 2 generations of Panamanian entrepreneurs. In 1994 Salomon Hanono joined the group as General Manager and recently Moises Hanono joined as project coordinator.


Investors Relations

Group H is part of a group of partners / investors with more than 50 years of experience developing projects in panama. This dynamic partnership together with us has invested millions of dollars in Panamanian real estate market and plans to inject many more million in the coming years. The pillars of Group H are safe, proven and highly reliable.



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